THE WEBSITE IS BEING UPDATED! February class schedules will be posted soon.


The Dog Ranch Inc. is a very unique training facility in the Ottawa Valley area.  It has currently over 6000 square feet of heated training space and over 7 acres of fields used for agility, field training, outdoor training and dock or swimming classes.  

Whether you are just starting out or not knowing where to start, we have all types of dog training.   

If you are looking to rent space for an event, please see the Facility page. 




As a privately owned facility, we ask you to follow these rules while on the property/in class:


  • You, as the owner are solely responsible for your dog on the Dog Ranch Inc. premises.
  • You are responsible to cleanup after your dog. Garbage bins are provided outside each buidling and waste is to be disposed of here. Do not use the garbages inside for cleanup. 
  • The owner  will handle their dog at all classes. The handler may be changed with instructor’s permission. Others are welcome to watch and may be asked to participate.
  • Our classes do not invite canine siblings to attend classes for socialization. Our classes are for paid students only. It becomes too tight of a space if we allowed for this to occur.
  • Appropriate collar and 6 foot leads must be used in the classes. No flexible leashes. Preference is a flat collar, but other training collars or tools may be suggested.
  • If you believe your dog is feeling unwell, has diarrhea or other signs of potential illness please keep them home from class.


  • Please note: as of January 2017, full payment prior to class (1 week in advance) will be required to reserve a space in class. This does now apply for all current and new students.
  • Females in season/heat may attend classes and will need to wear appropriate covering. If your dog is in season and you are using the halls without protective covering, this privilege will be removed from your ability to train at Dog Ranch.
  • When a dog cannot attend a class, the presence of the handler will qualify as attendance for the dog.
  • If your dog is unmanageable and is unduly disturbing other dogs in the class, you may be  asked that the dog leave the class. If a dog is asked to leave a class, fees paid may be used towards a private obedience lesson(s).
  • No dog may be transferred to another class without assessment and there are no transfers  between dogs in the household.




  • A no smoking policy is in effect as of January 2017. Thank-you for respecting this. 
  • There is a portable toilet available 24/7. It is the responsibility of the hired company for maintenance of this facility, however if there is an issue with it, please let us know.
  • The laneway is a single drive lane. Please do not pass. The right of way is with those leaving the property. Be aware of winter driving and the ability to manage the driveway in difficult and inclement weather when we have decided to move forward with classes.
  • Please use Facebook or the feed on this website to keep up to date on class cancellations.




To be registered for a class, you will be sent an individual class link.




Payment options are email money transfer, which is preferred to  (, cheque or cash. 



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