Competitive Obedience

In Competitive Obedience, 3 legs are required to earn a PCD, CD – CDX & Utility titles. This means the dog and handler must compete in the ring 3 times under at least two different judges


A perfect score is 200, A minimum score of 170 must be achieved to qualify & earn a leg. Dogs must qualify in each exercise, and will not earn a leg if they fail any of the required exercises.


In standard competition, there are three levels of competition: Novice in which the dog and handler compete towards their Companion Dog Title (CD), Open in which the dog and handler work towards their Companion Dog Excellent Title (CDX) and finally Utility which when complete gives them the Utility title (UD). The title for each level must be earned before the dog and handler pair can compete in the next level.



The Pre-Novice class is an elective class and earning the title is not a requirement to enter the Novice class. This is a perfect beginning for those who are wanting to learn about competivie obedience and have a young dog to begin working wtih.  It does focus on heelwork and attention. 


This level works on the development of the heeling pattern from Pre-Novice & prepares the student for the Novice or Companion Dog (CD) title. Off leash heeling will be introduced. Exercises taught and practiced here are; heeling on and off leash, heeling through a figure 8 pattern, sit, stand for examination, 1 minute long sit, 3 minute long down and recall.



The open exercises leading to a CDX or Companion Dog Excellent title. In these classes each week a new exercise is covered. Heeling, retrieve on the flat, retrieve over the high jump, drop on recall, broad jump and long sit/ down stays are taught.



The utility exercises leading to a Utility Dog title. The articles are introduced, seek back, scent-discrimination, signals, directed jumping and moving stand are taught. This class leads to an OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) title.





Instructor: Brenda Kearns

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 - 2 spots available

6:00 pm

Cost: $125



Instructor: Kate Darbyshire

Tuesday's at 11:00 noon - Novice, Open and Utility

Cost: $20 weekly







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